Where to get the best and cheap offshore dedicated hosting?

When compared with VPS Hosting, dedicated servers offer much more in terms of power and features but you need to consider a few things before you make the choice of a dedicated server. Looking just for a dedicated hosting service with low cost is not enough because no 2 dedicated hosting services are the same.

cheap dedicated server vs dedicated server

Any service provider that offers really cheap rates is someone you surely should beware of since their cheap rates may also lead to cheap services and really low bandwidth. So, start your search for affordable dedicated hosting services but keep the following criteria in mind.

Things a good service provider has to offer

What people overlook is that hardware is just as important as service and bandwidth. Availing services from your server Host also means that you are renting a physical Dediziertes (dedicated) server which is hardware. Do look into the quality of hardware being offered by your service provider.

You need to ensure that only good and new components are being offered to you and not old used second hand ones. The service provider should be reputable. The ones that are not well known pass on other client’s used hardware down to you. Look out for enterprise grade HDDs or SSDs for your Dediziertes (dedicated) servers. Only accept a branded server such as Supermicro, Dell or HP from your hosting service.

Customer support

Customer support is a jargon that is used by everybody but very few people actually understand it. Practically, every Dedicated server host guarantees “GREAT” customer support but very few actually offer it. The level and effectiveness of customer will vary from one Webhost to another.

What will happen if you face any technical issues? Is their customer support easy to access? Through which medium do they offer customer support- phone, live chat or support ticket.

Is round the clock customer support offered by the hosting provider you are about to consider?

How quick is the turnaround time of your Web Hosting service? How competent are they in handling crisis situations?

Is their support team actually capable of solving your problems and are they analytical? This is very important because it will be a complete waste of time if they cannot easily track your issue. An over delay in problem fixing will lead to severe losses for you. Rather than believing what the WebHosting service has to say do a cross-check and call their support team. Ask them a few trick questions to see how they fare.

Hardware Replacement

Hardware replacement guarantees are offered by Datacenters to Dediziertes (dedicated) hosting providers and from hosting providers to client end. This guarantee ensures that any faulty hardware will be replaced by new ones by the hosting provider or datacenter provided it is within guarantee period.


When you are out there comparing the services of various hosting providers have it cleared whether the specific hosting provider is offering longer SLAs (Service Level Agreement) or hardware replacement. This is vital because a long service level agreement shall not serve purpose in a crisis situation where you are experiencing major hardware failure. This type of clause is mainly found in cheap services so do thorough research before settling for the Cheapest web hosting service.

Moreover, some networks also offer SLAs like network uptime and power availability. It is beneficial for you if you can find a network offering 99.9% for each of the above mentioned claims.

Which software options do they offer?

With respect to the operating system, do they offer Linux or Windows distributions and if they only offer one of the operating systems then it is most likely that their support team will not be able to help you with any issues as a result of the other operating system. Even if you have the option of installing a custom operating system you might face this problem. The key lies in searching for a dedicated server host in Germany that provides you with all the major operating system brands. For installing Windows operating system, you might be expected to pay a monthly fee since these ask for a paid license.

Which Control Panels do they offer?

Most German web hosting providers have their control panel’s built these days but to be on the safer side you should opt for a well known one like cPanel/WHM (Web Host Manager) or Plesk. This move will help you in migrating your websites easily and without much hassles.

You should definitely opt for an effective control panel if you havn’t already had experience with it. It will definitely help you manage your server more efficiently. cPanel/WHM is definitely the leading brand when it comes to control panels.

Additional software

server operating systems.

Also see to it that your web hosting provider handles all your additional software installation processes. This is to ensure that you have a well-rounded server system which runs efficiently. Software such as Softaculous which is the 1-click software installer and WHMCS (billing software) should be installed if you think you might need them.

Yes, you can buy the license and install the software you want as and when you need them, all by yourself but it is an extra benefit when your web hosting provider offers you these services as well.

Do they support migrating?

This is a very crucial aspect for you to consider when you choose to seek the services of a hosting provider. Will your web hosting provider facilitate migration process? Most hosting services should be willing to do this for you and it would make their job easy if you have a good control panel installed. In case the web host bluntly refuses to do the same then you should not seek its services at all since this attitude will be seen in any area you experience problems in.

Network Quality & Uptime

Uptime and the Network Architecture

More than being concerned about which service provider offers the most Discounts it would be wise to focus on the more important criteria such as network quality. You might have the best hardware and the datacenter that your server is located in might offer good hardware replacement guarantee but this does not compensate for packets. If your network is a victim to packet loss or power loss at regular intervals then you will experience major loss in your traffic thus leading to loss of large sums of money.

It is a well known fact that offshore dedicated servers hosts resort to the use of cheap datacenter. These datacenters are much busier and bear the load of more servers. The space limitation faced by these datacenters leads to cramming of server space. Therefore, servers cannot function optimally in such an environment because you would be likely to experience a congested network. This shall inevitably lead to longer ping time and packet loss during peak traffic hours. This will not serve important websites effectively so you should opt for better hosts even if it means forgoing the ones that offer cheaper rates.

So, if hosting services are offering discounted offers it is a good thing but choose the service wisely. Being prudent goes a long way so choose a web hosting provider that offers maximum value for your money without any compromise on network bandwidth.